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Getting tested and learning your HIV status empowers you to make the best decisions for your health. When you know your status you can take the necessary steps to receive the medical care and treatment you need to thrive. At UNIFIED/Vivent Health, HIV testing is free, confidential and available to everyone. Our certified testing staff is supportive, knowledgeable and sensitive to your needs. They are available to answer any questions you may have and to provide information on ways to reduce your risk of contracting HIV.

Testing for other STIs is also important, especially because most STIs are easily cured if they are caught early. However, if left untreated, some STIs can cause severe health problems.

Testing Hours
9A - 5P

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Ypsilanti: 734-572-9355
Detroit: 313-446-9800

Harm Reduction

UNIFIED/Vivent Health is dedicated to harm reduction and providing judgement-free care to people who use drugs. We provide free syringes and safer injection supplies to people who inject drugs, as well as safe disposal of used syringes. 

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