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Project Overview: The original Stigma Fighters Training of Trainers project was intended to be a tool in ending the HIV Epidemic by improving health Literacy and decreasing stigma through skill building, education, and empowerment. The training utilized U=U and PrEP as prevention tools, along with updated HIV Criminalization laws in Michigan as positive influencers in the perceptions of PLWHIV and the individuals who love and support them.

Project Goal: To increase Health literacy and decrease stigma. By increasing health literacy, we hope to erase internalized stigmas that contribute to consumer readiness to engage in or maintain HIV Care. A measurable (The HIV Literacy/Stigma Scale) tool was created in phase one that showed that the goal to increase health literacy and decrease the negative perception of living with HIV was reached. Ideally in phase 2, the tools and programming will be improved to measure how the goal of phase one contributes to how consumers are both adherent to medication /medical appointments, and maintaining undetectable viral loads.

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