Support Groups

Free to be Me

A support group for HIV+ Ex-Offenders enrolled in UNIFIED’s Case Management Services.
This group works in collaboration with UNIFIED’s Behavioral Health Services.

Contact Hannah at 800-515-3434

Healthy Relationships

Healthy Relationships is a Six-session, small-group intervention for men living with HIV/AIDS. It is based on Social Cognitive Theory and focuses on developing skills and building self-efficacy and positive expectations about new behaviors through modeling behaviors and practicing new skills. Decision-making and problem-solving skills are developed to enable participants to make informed and safe decisions about disclosure and behavior. The sessions create a context where people can interact, examine their risks, develop skills to reduce their risks, and receive feedback from others.

Ka'Juan Hill 313-446-9800 (Detroit)
Anthony Jenkins 734-572-9355 (Ypsilanti)

Men's TREM Group

Are you a man who has been a victim of, committed, or witnessed violence in the past? Are you looking for a structured environment to help you move on from upsetting events? If so, please join us for a BRAND NEW psychosocial support group for men who have encountered violence. 

Contact: Hannah Bennett at 313-446-9800 or 

RISE (Respect IS Empowering)

Every 3rd Thursday evening 6:30PM
3075 Clark Rd. #203 Ypsilanti, MI
An informative, compassionate and social group designed for women who are HIV positive and dealing with the complex issues surrounding the disease.

Contact: Sheyonna Watson at

Treatment Adherence Counseling

Treatment adherence counseling is offered in all service locations as a part of medical case management services. The Detroit site offers educational workshops for clients enrolled in medical case management. Workshops are held in small groups and consist of adherence counseling (topics include but are not limited to: Sexual relationships, disclosure, family planning, medications & side effects, diabetes, heart disease, Hepatitis C and evolution of HIV Treatment).
Contact Robyn Farmer at 313-446-9800 ext. 823.


We Are Survivors

Once a Month
Locations, dates and times vary
A safe and supportive social group for HIV+ men who have sex with men

Anthony Jenkins or Leon Golson 734-572-9355


W.I.S.E. represents WellnessInspirationSupport, and Education. This group’s purpose is to provide a safe space for members to discuss events that are important to them, without judgement, and receive skills and support to overcome obstacles or to encourage accomplishments. The focus of this four-part group series will be to provide members with information regarding mindfulness, coping skills, and positive-thinking to reduce stress, promote success, and to live a more positive and healthier lifestyle. (Detroit Location)

Contact: Hannah Bennett at 313-446-9800 or