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Status Sexy Outreach Volunteer


TITLE: Status Sexy Outreach Volunteer 

REPORTS TO: Community Outreach Specialist 

DESCRIPTION: The Status Sexy Outreach Volunteer will be responsible for working and assisting the Outreach Specialist with Status Sexy specific tasks. This volunteer opportunity includes but is not limited to: community education and HIV/STD risk reduction; organizing, packaging and distributing condoms and safer sex kits; work tables at outreach events. 


  • Basic knowledge of HIV/STDS and UNIFIED-HIV Health and Beyond Services 
  • Basic knowledge of substance abuse and safer sex materials 
  • Experience working or proven ability to effectively work and communicate with diverse racial, ethnic and LGBTQ communities 
  • Ability to commit 5-7 hours per week 
  • Ability to work evening and late night hours as needed 


UHHB is willing to accept someone who does not have basic knowledge required however, the volunteer must commit and complete proper training to learn the basic facts about HIV transmission, prevention, and referrals to maintain the integrity of the hotline. 


  • HIV 101 
  • Michigan HIV/STD Hotline Training 
  • Community Outreach Training 
  • Comprehensive PrEP Training 
  • HIV Test Counselor Training 


For more information contact: KaJuan Hill at or call 313-446-9800 ext 260 


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For more information contact: KaJuan Hill at or call 313-446-9800 ext 260