Upcoming Opportunities



Positive Opportunities

Community Advisory Boards (CABs)
Aneshia Solomon (asolomon@miunified.org) or Sheyonna Watson (swatson@miunified.org)

Michigan HIV/AIDS Council (MHAC)
Andre Truss at the State (trussa@michigan.gov) or (517) 373-1926

PLWH Advocacy Groups/Lobby Days
Jimena Loveluck (jloveluck@miunified.org)

Southeast Michigan HIV/AIDS Council (SEMHAC)
Paralee Poole (poolepdetsemhac@gmail.com) or (313) 638-2887

Speakers' Bureau
Andre Truss at the State (trussa@michigan.gov) or (517) 373-1926

Stigma Index
Akilah Benton (abenton@miunified.org)

Storytelling Events
Akilah Benton (abenton@miunified.org) or Jonathon Arntson (jarntson@miunified.org)

Akilah Benton (abenton@miunified.org)

Support Groups
Clarence Peeples (cpeeples@miunified.org) or Melissa Draughn (mdraughn@miunified.org)
or Sheyonna Watson (swatson@miunified.org)

Mike Wallace (mwallace@miunified.org)

UNIFIED Client Focus Groups
Angel Tomsic (atomsic@miunified.org)

UNIFIED Client Health Education Groups
Hannah Bennett (hbennett@miunified.org) or Robyn Lovinggood (rlovinggood@miunified.org)

UNIFIED Newsletter Client Stories
Chris McMullen (cmcmullen@miunified.org)

UNIFIED Quality Management Committee
Angel Tomsic - (atomsic@miunified.org)

UNIFIED Volunteer Opportunities 
Julieanna Lorenz (jlorenz@miunified.org) or Calvin Dishmon (cdishmon@miunified.org)

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