Detroit Location

Darius Baty
Linkage to Care Specialist

Akilah Benton, MPH
Community Mobilization & Research Manager
Interim Vice President of Community Research and Innovation, UNIFIED

Hannah Bennett
Health Education Coordinator

Ashley Cosenza
Medical Case Manager

Danielle Dunbar
Treatment Adherence/Resource Specialist

Diana Dunbar
Lead Medical Case Manager (G.E.M.)

Robyn Farmer
Non-Medical Case Manager

Katherine Formanek
Reentry Medical Case Manager

Dailyn Foster-Bullock
Lead LTC Specialist

Kelly Gjeldum, LLMSW
Lead Re-Entry Medical Case Manager

James Graves
GEM Linkage To Care Specialist

April Green
Medical Case Manager

Mariah Green
Linkage To Care Specialist (Rx Program)

Edricka Hardge
Housing Specialist

Ka'Juan Hill
Community Outreach Specialist

Chunnika Hodges
GEM Psychosocial Case Manager

Keith Hughes
Lead Lab Coordinator/Prevention Specialist

Meghan McGowan
MDOC Outreach Specialist

David Nelson
GEM Linkage To Care Specialist

Edgardo Nieves
Medical Case Manager/Bi-Lingual English-Spanish

Tony O’Rourke
Re-Entry Medical Case Manager

Alia Onawola
Hotline and Volunteer Coordinator

Kristina Schmidgall
Director of Care Services Detroit

Alfredo Smith
Lead Linkage to Care Specialist

Aneshia Solomon
Lead Medical Case Manager

LaDawn Tate
Linkage To Care Specialist

Angelique Tomsic
Interim President and CEO, UNIFIED

Martell Waddy
Linkage To Care Specialist

Michael Wallace
Communications Coordinator

Kailah Weatherspoon
GEM Psychosocial Case Manager

Christopher Woolfolk
Systems Navigator


Jackson Location

Deborah Campbell, LBSW
Medical Case Manager


Ypsilanti Location

Jack Alferio
Peer Support Specialist

Christine Anderson, MSW
Test Counselor

Patrick Chandler
Medical Case Manager

Natasha DeLine
Harm Reduction Specialist

Calvin Dishmon
Prevention Specialist

Rayshaunda Gipson
Medical Case Manager/Health Insurance Navigator

Leon Golson
Director of Prevention Programs

Lemont Gore
Street Outreach Coordinator

Jennifer Green
Medical Case Manager

Tiwanna Hatcher
Director of Care Service

Anthony Jenkins
Health Education Specialist

Michael Jonas, BSW
Medical Case Manager

Ashley Palmer
Lead Harm Reduction Specialist

Allison Ranusch
Housing Specialist

Erin Suprunuk
Tobacco Treatment Specialist

Ryan Whitney
Peer Support Specialist